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I speak, teach, coach, write and consult on matters of the heart


"I do what I do because educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all, and because when you touch someone's heart, you touch their soul." 

about gabriel

Gabriel Gonsalves is an international speaker, teacher, coach, writer, and an avid explorer of 'The Path of the Heart'.  

He’s a leading expert in Heart Intelligence Coaching, a path to personal development that is heart centered, integral, results oriented, and deeply transformational. His coaching style combines his experience and passion for personal development, spirituality, and the performance arts. 

 He currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa where he enjoys spending quality time with close friends, riding horses, hiking, or working on other creative projects that help people connect with their hearts. 
“My core message is simple: follow your heart and let it take you beyond what your mind can conceive.”

  • speaking
    Topics range from 'Rediscovering the Fire in Your Heart' to 'How to Navigate a Stressful World'. 
  • teaching
    Applied Heart Intelligence seminars, workshops and online courses you can study at your own pace. 
  • coaching
    Deep, Heart-Centered, Transformational Coaching for for conscious professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders.  
  • writing
    Blog posts and articles about matters of the heart in relationships, health, spirituality, and success.
  • consulting
    Developing the B.E.S.T. Intelligence in your team. (Behavioral, Emotional, Social and Transformational IQ)

What is the Path of the Heart?

The Path of the Heart is the journey you embark on when you make the decision to love yourself enough to courageously go after 100% of what you believe in your mind and know in your heart is possible.  Along the way you transform yourself and you change the world.  

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Oct 25th
The Path of the Heart Seminar
Cape Town, South Africa
Oct 26th
The Path of the Heart Seminar
Cape Town, South Africa

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Gabriel Gonsalves
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