The Heart of Money

USD $35

Healing your Relationship with Money, Abundance and Success

Heal your relationship with money by releasing all unconscious beliefs and emotional blocks that keep you from intentionally generating more prosperity in your life



Money is an energy that flows through life, a tool for fulfilling your heart’s desires and meet all your need in life. Yet, a perceived sense of lack and feelings of unworthiness can leave you continually experiencing scarcity.

In this three-hour workshop with Gabriel, you’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with the true source of abundance, and release any mental, emotional and energetic blocks that keep you from generating the prosperity you want.

We’ll be working on three fundamental levels:

Worthiness. Money is an expression of value. As you value the gifts and the immense worth of your presence in the world, you create greater value for yourself and others. What you appreciate, appreciates.
Purpose. Your purposeful use of money manifests your heart’s deepest desires—that’s where the Heart of Money title comes from. Money is like blood infused with your heart’s energy, and it is meant to be in flow. Like fresh, clean blood, every drop is valuable and worth your attention.

Prosperity. You feel most prosperous when you feel you are in complete integrity with your inner source of prosperity. While having enough money is important in caring for your needs, there’s no need to sell your soul for it or separate from the things you care about, including the relationships in your life and your deepest passions. It enhances all of that. By deliberately focusing on the good you can create through creativity, collaboration and service, everything you could ever want will naturally come to you.
During our time together, we’ll be using several scientifically proven techniques to help you heal your relationship with money and even transform every aspect of your life —financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER: As an added bonus, each participant will receive a free downloadable copy of Gabriel’s new guided meditation, The Heart of Money. This audio will help you stay in alignment with your inner source of prosperity, abundance, and wealth.

Logistics & Investment

The Heart of Money workshop will take place on Saturday, April 29th, 2023, at 9 am PDT, 12 pm EDT, 5 pm BST, and 6 pm CEST and SAST (see your timezone)

We’ll be meeting via Zoom. The duration of the workshop is three hours. A replay will be available afterward in case you’re unable to attend the live session.

The investment is USD $35. If you’re ready to heal your relationship with money, come join us on this healing and transformative workshop!