Building Resilience

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with Gabriel Gonsalves

Personal mastery, leadership development, and spiritual growth with the heart in mind. 

Join us every Wednesday at 12 pm US EST for a new episode of the Global Heartstream. This weekly LIVE broadcast is for anyone who wishes to tune into their hearts, connect to a Higher Power, and raise their vibrational frequency. Each episode features a fireside chat on a specific topic and a 20-minute heart-coherence guided meditation.

In this week’s podcast, we explored the theme of cultivating resilience. We discussed the four levels of resilience and delved into the profound role of the heart in fostering emotional and spiritual resilience. By understanding and nurturing these aspects, we unlock the potential to navigate life’s challenges with grace and fortitude, fostering growth and transformation.

During the podcast, a guided meditation and heart-centered prayer provided a transformative experience for listeners. Through a series of affirmations and visualizations, participants were gently guided to strengthen and uplift their hearts, improving their overall perspective on life and enhancing emotional resilience.

Weekly Affirmations

  • I embrace change as a natural part of life
  • I have faith in my ability to adapt to the changes coming my way
  • Every change is a stepping stone towards my greater purpose
  • I am resilient, and I have the strength to face any challenge
  • The more I surrender my fears, the more resilient I become
  • I am surrounded by love and support from the spiritual realm
  • With God’s help, I bounce back stronger than ever before

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Global Heartstream and receive great value from it.

From my heart to yours,