Cultivating Lightheartedness

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with Gabriel Gonsalves

Personal mastery, leadership development, and spiritual growth with the heart in mind. 

Join us every Wednesday at 12 pm US EST for a new episode of the Global Heartstream. This weekly LIVE broadcast is for anyone who wishes to tune into their hearts, connect to a Higher Power, and raise their vibrational frequency. Each episode features a fireside chat on a specific topic and a 20-minute heart-coherence guided meditation.

This week’s episode of the Global Heartstream podcast delves into the art of cultivating lightheartedness in our lives. Drawing on personal experiences and insights, we discuss the importance of embracing a playful, curious and joyful attitude towards life, even amidst challenging times. From finding humor in everyday situations to taking time for creative expression, we offer practical tips and inspiration for cultivating lightheartedness as a way of living more fully and authentically.

In the second part of the podcast, we delve into a guided meditation focused on connecting with our inner child and healing old wounds. Through the power of compassion and forgiveness, we lead listeners through a heart-centered practice to nurture and heal the wounded parts of ourselves. By creating a safe and loving space within ourselves, we can begin to release old patterns and beliefs that may be holding us back, and open ourselves up to greater joy, peace, and fulfillment in life. Join us as we explore the transformative power of connecting with our inner child, and the profound impact it can have on our lives.

Weekly Affirmations

  • My heart is always connected to the infinite source of joy
  • I give myself permission to feel light and carefree
  • I surrender my worries and fears to a higher power
  • I choose to see the beauty in everyone and everything
  • The lighter my heart is, the more creative I feel
  • I am grateful for the simple things in life that bring me joy
  • Everything in my life is working out for my highest good

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Global Heartstream and receive great value from it.

From my heart to yours,

Cultivating Lightheartedness