Overcoming Resistance

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with Gabriel Gonsalves

Personal mastery, leadership development, and spiritual growth with the heart in mind. 

Join us every Wednesday at 12 pm US EST for a new episode of the Global Heartstream. This weekly LIVE broadcast is for anyone who wishes to tune into their hearts, connect to a Higher Power, and raise their vibrational frequency. Each episode features a fireside chat on a specific topic and a 20-minute heart-coherence guided meditation.

This week’s podcast delved into the intriguing topic of overcoming resistance to change. During the episode, we delved into the various aspects of resistance and its significance in our personal growth journey. Fear, hidden commitments, and misalignment were discussed as common roadblocks that hinder our ability to embrace change.

The guided meditation aimed to help participants embrace change and surrender resistance. Through affirmations and visualizations, listeners were encouraged to let go of attachment to the familiar and open up to the possibilities of change. The meditation provided a heart-centered, nurturing space for self-reflection and relaxation, allowing individuals to release fears and embrace the transformative power of change.

Weekly Affirmations

  • I have the power to break through any barrier, resistance, or block
  • I embrace resistance and use it as a catalyst for change
  • Every challenge I face strengthens my faith and determination
  • I choose to move forward despite any resistance
  • I release all attachments and surrender to the divine unfolding
  • I am a spiritual warrior, ready to conquer any resistance with love
  • With God’s help, I’m now transmuting resistance into flow

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Global Heartstream and receive great value from it.

From my heart to yours,