The Leader

Your quiz score indicates that your heart is fully open and shining its unique light. You have the qualities of a great leader!

With a heart as loving and compassionate as yours, it is time to step into your Higher Purpose and decide what kind of impact you would like to have in other people’s lives.

All the hard lessons you’ve learned, and all the wisdom you’ve acquired from your difficult journey, must be shared so that others can benefit too. People are thirsty for the message you have to share!

If you want to become the leader you know you were meant to be, you need to learn new skills, practices, and tools to prepare you for this new path. And you need to surround yourself with other leaders committed to living and leading from their hearts.

In this post, you will find numerous tips and actionable advice to help you achieve your goals and become the best, most loving, powerful, and courageous leader you can be.

Let’s Make You a Heart Leader!

If your quiz results show that you have the heart of a leader, now is the perfect time to develop the skills and abilities that will allow you to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s time to prepare for the leadership journey ahead!

To help you with this, I have included several practical and actionable tips below.

The Leader Archetype

The Leader Archetype represents a person who has overcome all of their past challenges and emerged successfully from them. They overcame their fears, doubts, and self-imposed limitations and became wiser and stronger.

What qualifies them as leaders is the person they became along the way, the lessons learned, and the transformation they underwent. They are now prepared to lead, guide, and support others who are beginning a similar journey.

The Leader Archetype also represents the hero’s return. When the hero arrives home, they soon realize that they are not the same person who left. New skills, talents, and gifts were brought back by them.

Tips to Develop a Leader’s Heart

The following tips have proven helpful to me and to every client or student I’ve worked with. And they will for you too, IF you’re willing to put in the necessary work, time, and energy that they require.

Tip #1: Journaling Exercise

In a notebook or journal, write about what you believe is your Higher Purpose or the main reason you’re here. Then, answer the following questions:

  1. What is God (Divinity, Source, The Universe, etc.) asking of me?
  2. What is the contribution I’d like to make to this world?
  3. What unique gifts and talents would I love to share with others?
  4. Who would I love to help?

In my case, I was longing to sing and dance to the rhythm of my heart. My heart longed to help, guide and support others who felt disconnected and alone. So, I wrote pages and pages of notes about how lonely and disconnected I felt as a child and how I wanted to help alleviate the pain of others who felt the same. The more I wrote, the clearer it became that I wanted to become a coach.

I recommend you practice automatic writing, the technique of writing non-stop, without editing or paying attention to punctuation or grammar. Just write the first thing that comes to your mind. This technique helps bypass the conscious mind and allows unconscious material to begin to surface more easily.

After completing this exercise, take a moment to feel appreciation for yourself and the courage it took to uncover the bigger reason you’re here. You have taken a big step towards becoming a true heart leader!

Tip #2: Guided Meditations

The Sending Heart Energy to Others and Awakening the Christ Within guided meditations below will help you increase your heart’s capacity to radiate love to yourself and others around you. If you want to strengthen your leader’s heart, the key is increasing your levels of Heart Coherence.

Heart coherence is the term used by the institute of HeartMath to describe a state of psycho-physiological coherence in which all your bodily systems work together efficiently and in harmony. The heart has its neuronal network that always interacts with the part of the brain that controls the emotions and physiology of the body.

Before you click the play button, please find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.

And be sure to also explore my other free guided meditations, The Twelve Virtues of the Heart. They’ll help you stay connected to your heart and slowly open you to a whole world of new possibilities!

Tip #3: Recommended Reading

Below are a series of articles from my blog you’ll find useful. But please don’t just read them and then forget about what you learned. Be sure to also apply what you learned right away. That’s the fastest way to learn!

Furthermore, here are several books I highly recommend you read:

These books will be of great assistance in helping you understand what it truly means to open your heart and live a more purposeful life.

Tip #4: Embark on the Path of Heart Mastery

Are you ready to take embark on the path of Heart Mastery, transform your life, and become the best version of yourself? My online courses and group coaching programs are designed to help you reach your goals and live a life filled with love, joy, and purpose. If you’re seeking to create profound and meaningful changes in your life, there are several ways we can collaborate.

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