LIVING FROM THE HEART: Interviewed by Health Coach, Evonne Britton

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with Gabriel Gonsalves

Personal mastery, leadership development, and spiritual growth with the heart in mind. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Health Coach Evonne Britton on her weekly interview series. Our topic of discussion was ‘How to live from the Heart’, a timely and important subject in today’s fast-paced world.

During our conversation, I shared some of my most profound insights and experiences on what Heart Intelligence truly means to me. I spoke at length about how the heart has its own unique intelligence, one that is rooted in wisdom, love, and power. By tapping into this intelligence, we can begin to live more fully and in greater harmony with ourselves and those around us.

I also provided a number of actionable steps and techniques that can help anyone, regardless of their background or experience, to start living from the heart. These include practices such as mindfulness meditation, gratitude journaling, and conscious breathing, all of which can help to cultivate a deeper connection to the heart and its innate wisdom. Overall, it was a truly enlightening conversation, and one that I believe will inspire many to start living more fully and authentically from the heart.

I hope you enjoy this interview and receive great value from it.

From my heart to yours,