Through my premium one-to-one coaching and mentoring program, I support purpose-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals who desire to grow spiritually so that they can become the best, most loving, compassionate, and powerful version of themselves and make a positive impact in the world.

During our collaboration, I will play various roles in your life: spiritual guide, mentor, strategist, listener, teacher, and partner. Together, we’ll work on aligning your vision, goals, and projects with your core values and purpose, turning challenges into opportunities, and transforming fears into desires.

I will use every tool at my disposal, learned over 25 years, to help you transcend any aspect of your personal reality that may be holding you back from expressing your highest potential. This includes addictions, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage behaviors, and more.

Through weekly Zoom meetings, we’ll focus on personal mastery, leadership development, and spiritual growth. You’ll learn new spiritual practices and gain invaluable skills in emotional self-mastery, communication, and leadership, allowing you to be the best, most compassionate, joyful, and confident version of yourself.

The transformation you’ll experience will enable you to achieve your full potential, lead others effectively, and leave a meaningful legacy in the world.

“Gabriel helped me clarify my greater vision as a leader. Our work helped me identify exactly who I am here to serve and the transformation my clients will experience.”

Brian G. Bachand, Evolution Global Coaching

Coaching Packages

If you’re interested in working with me, I offer the following three options:

Single Coaching Session:
A one-off 60-minute coaching session held via Zoom. Ideal for someone who needs guidance or direction regarding an important decision they need to make.

Three Coaching Sessions Package:
Three 60-minute coaching sessions held via Zoom. Ideal for someone who wants to work deeply on a specific issue or problem they’d like to heal or transcend.

Three-Month Package:
Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions via Zoom during a three-month period. Ideal for someone interested in making deep, meaningful changes in their life.

To get started, visit the following link:

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Here’s What My Clients Have to Say…

A New Level of Awareness.
“I AM so grateful for the experience of these past three days. Gabriel’s taken me to a level of awareness that I did not think was possible. With his loving support and encouragement, I have opened a door to a peace that transcends anything I have felt before, a peace that is gradually filling all the spaces in my heart that was so broken and bruised!”
Linney Elder · Author

Freedom and New Possibilities.
“Working with Gabriel was definitely the beginning of a big shift in my life. He gently but very definitively made me see that my thinking and way of being was in a victim state. Gabriel’s coaching enabled freedom and a sense of possibility within me which has opened up a brand new chapter in my life. Thank you, Gabriel.”
Olga Nardy · Life Coach and Entrepreneur

Rapid Growth in my Business.
“Gabriel has equipped me with great tools I can use every day to improve my focus on my career. I am now much more accountable for the outcomes that I create and conscious of the people I attract into my life while seeing the true benefits through rapid growth in my business.”
Daniël Jansen van Vuuren · Founder of Flame Design

Stepping into my Power.
“Gabriel’s unique and powerful style of coaching has supported me in stepping into my power and maintaining a rhythm that I had never imagined possible. I find that I am more impactful in my work with young people, activists, and leaders because I am authentic and able to dance using my own special gifts. His ability to connect, challenge and also hold the space for my greatest potential has unveiled a me that I had never allowed myself to imagine.”
Shamillah Wilson · Inner Activist Coach

A New Foundation for my Practice.
“Gabriel helped me clarify my greater vision as a leader. The work we did together, helped me identify exactly who I am here to serve and the transformation my clients will experience. Together, we laid a new foundation for my international coaching business that is in perfect alignment with my unique style, voice, and message.”
Brian G. Bachand · Evolution Evolution Global Coaching

I’m a Completely Different Person.
“These have been the most amazing nine months of my entire life and today 9th January 2018, I am a completely different person! With Gabriel’s support, I was able to go deeper into my heart and found my way to feeling truly worthy of my true desires. I highly recommend the Heart Leader Program to anyone who wants to go deeper and discover who they really are.”
Gitte Wind Nielsen · Spiritual Mentor & Coach