1-on-1 Coaching

Through my premium one-to-one coaching and mentoring program, I offer unwavering support to organizational leaders, wellness professionals, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs who aspire to make a profound impact, lead authentically, and unleash their highest potential.

During our collaboration, I will assume various roles in your life: spiritual guide, mentor, strategist, empathic listener, teacher, and reliable partner. Together, we will align your vision, goals, and projects with your core values and purpose. We’ll transform challenges into opportunities and fears into desires.

Drawing upon my 25 years of experience, I will utilize a comprehensive toolkit to help you transcend any aspects of your personal reality that may restrict the expression of your true potential. This includes addressing addictions, dismantling limiting beliefs, overcoming self-sabotage behaviors, and more.

How Coaching Works

Through weekly Zoom sessions, we will focus on personal mastery, leadership development, and spiritual growth. You will gain new practices and invaluable skills in emotional self-mastery, effective communication, and impactful leadership.

My coaching approach is characterized by depth, heart-centeredness, and transformation:

Depth: Together, we will explore the underlying drivers of your life, such as core values, purpose, and heart desires. With this understanding, we will co-create a compelling vision that aligns perfectly with your authentic self.

Heart-Centered: I will guide you in mastering your emotions, accessing your inner guidance system, and responding to life with compassion, kindness, and love. As a result, you will cultivate emotional strength and resilience.

Transformational: I will help you overcome past traumas, emotional barriers, and addictive patterns that obstruct your path to becoming an extraordinary leader—a leader who is powerful, loving, and capable of inspiring positive change.

Three Ways of Working Together

If you’re interested in working with me, I offer the following three options:

The Deep Dive

Get clarity and direction with a transformative two-hour coaching session to help you navigate important decisions and pressing matters. Dive deep into the heart of your challenges and leave feeling confident, empowered, and energized, equipped with actionable strategies to move forward with courage, confidence, determination, purpose, and resilience.

Who is it for? Tailored for individuals seeking immediate guidance and support during critical times.

Your investment: $777 for a 2-hr coaching session, and a recording of the call.

The Heart Warrior

A set of five 90-minute coaching sessions designed to help you conquer your present obstacles. Together, we’ll uncover and address whatever is holding you back from the success, fulfillment, and joy you want. I’ll equip you with powerful tools that will help you transform challenges into growth opportunities.

Who is it for? Designed for individuals looking to address short-term issues and create lasting changes.

Your investment: $1,777 for five 90-minute sessions, recordings of each call, and private access for support in between calls.

Heart Leader Partnership

Embark on a transformative journey with a 3-12 month coaching program focused on profound personal, spiritual, and professional growth. Experience consistent guidance and support as you navigate towards meaningful changes in your life and career.

Who is it for? Ideal for visionary leaders ready to make significant strides towards their life’s vision and goals.

Your investment: $4,777 for 3 Months or $8,777 for 6 Months. Three 90-minute calls per month, recordings of each call, and private access for support in between calls.

Ready to Begin your Coaching Journey?

If you’re looking to partner with a coach who can help you…

  • Re-invent yourself and create a new vision for your life
  • Transition into a more rewarding and fulfilling career
  • Create deeper, more loving relationships
  • Remain calm, centered, and strong in a stressful and fast-changing world
  • Clarify the message that you want to share with the world
  • Discover your unique leadership style
  • Take your leadership and self-mastery skills to a whole new level

…your first step is to complete the Coaching Journey Questionnaire.

Then, I or someone from my team will contact you to schedule a coaching conversation. During our time together, you’ll tell me about yourself, your current challenges, and I’ll help you decide which of my offerings is best for you.

Ready to Manifest your Highest Potential?

The world needs your unique voice, message, skills, and talents.

Let’s work together and start creating a life you truly love.

Let’s get you on the path towards your Highest Potential.

Let’s take your leadership and mastery skills to the next level.

Here’s What My Clients Have to Say…

A Renewed Sense of Purpose

“After losing my beloved husband in 2016, I felt adrift and overwhelmed. Gabriel’s group program became my guiding light during this challenging period of grief. His coaching was instrumental in my healing journey, and I emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and strength.”

Mary A. Rinaldi
Coach & Healer

I Discovered My True Purpose

“I was at a crossroads in my life, grappling with anxiety and a sense of purposelessness. Gabriel’s leadership program provided the clarity and direction I desperately needed. He helped me discover my true purpose and passion, setting me on a path of fulfillment and success.”

Jenille Harris

Charted a New Career Path

“I have numerous talents but lacked a clear direction in life. Gabriel played a pivotal role in helping me reinvent myself and chart a new career path. His group program allowed me to tap into my latent potential, guiding me toward a more meaningful and purposeful life.”

Sonia Ter Hovanessian
Professional Singer & Coach

A New Level of Awareness

“I AM so grateful for the experience of these past three days. Gabriel’s taken me to a level of awareness that I did not think was possible. With his loving support and encouragement, I have opened a door to a peace that transcends anything I have felt before, a peace that is gradually filling all the spaces in my heart that were so broken and bruised!”

Linney Elder 

Freedom and New Possibilities

“Working with Gabriel was definitely the beginning of a big shift in my life. He gently but very definitively made me see that my thinking and way of being was in a victim state. Gabriel’s coaching enabled freedom and a sense of possibility within me, which has opened up a brand-new chapter in my life. Thank you, Gabriel.”

Olga Nardy
Life Coach and Entrepreneur

Rapid Growth in my Business.

“Gabriel has equipped me with great tools I can use every day to improve my focus on my career. I am now much more accountable for the outcomes that I create and conscious of the people I attract into my life, while seeing the true benefits through rapid growth in my business.”

Daniël Jansen van Vuuren 
Founder of Flame Design

Stepping into my Power.

“Gabriel’s unique and powerful style of coaching has supported me in stepping into my power and maintaining a rhythm that I had never imagined possible. I find that I am more impactful in my work with young people, activists, and leaders because I am authentic and able to dance using my own special gifts. His ability to connect, challenge and also hold the space for my greatest potential has unveiled a new me that I had never allowed myself to imagine.”

Shamillah Wilson 
Inner Activist Coach

Clarified My Vision as a Leader

“Gabriel helped me clarify my greater vision as a leader. The work we did together, helped me identify exactly who I am here to serve and the transformation my clients will experience. Together, we laid a new foundation for my international coaching business that is in perfect alignment with my unique style, voice, and message.”

Brian G. Bachand 
Evolution Global Coaching

I’m a Completely Different Person.

“These have been the most amazing nine months of my entire life and today, 9th January 2018, I am a completely different person! With Gabriel’s support, I was able to go deeper into my heart and found my way to feeling truly worthy of my true desires. I highly recommend the Heart Leader Program to anyone who wants to go deeper and discover who they really are.”

Gitte Wind Nielsen 
Spiritual Mentor & Coach