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Heart Mastery

What is Heart Awakening? What’s the difference between Heart Awakening and Spiritual Awakening? What are the symptoms of Heart Awakening? What is the greatest challenge you’ll face? In this week’s article, I’ll answer these questions and share with you a special opportunity that will support you during your Heart Awakening process.

I’m my last two articles, I’ve taught you about the Five Ways of Being and how to embody them in everyday life. I’ve also shared the importance of being present to your emotions as a necessary step for following your heart. Today, I’m going to teach you about Heart Awakening and how it’s different from spiritual awakening. Many people think they are the same thing. But they are not.

Heart Awakening is the transformational shift in perception that you experience when you move beyond the duality of the ego, intellect, or mind and begin to operate more from the non-linear, all-loving, nurturing, and life-supporting energy of the heart.

Dr. David R. Hawkins refers to Heart Awakening as the shift from 499 to 500 in his calibrated levels of consciousness. Below the level of 499, Heart Awakening is a concept, “we are all connected.” At the level of 500, it’s an experience of the absolute connection with all life.

Heart Awakening does not only change how you perceive others and life, but it also changes how your brain functions. The more you awaken to your heart, the more you become right-brain dominant. Instinctive drives and mechanisms of survival no longer control your life. Instead, you begin to be guided by the loving intelligence that governs all life.

The Difference Between Heart Awakening and Spiritual Awakening

Heart Awakening gives us access to an inner sense of connection to all life. You begin to feel as if you’re part of a larger system and no longer see events, people, and situations in your life as random, separate, or disconnected from each other. Everything is connected! Every thought, feeling, or action affects the totality. In turn, you’re also influenced by the totality.

Spiritual Awakening, on the other hand, gives us access to an inner sense of oneness with all life. This process naturally leads to the experience of feeling at one with others and naturally leads to enhanced feelings of compassion. This was expressed by Jesus Christ when he said, “Whatsoever you did to the least of my brothers, you did it to me.”

Heart Awakening thus precedes Spiritual Awakening, for oneness cannot truly be experienced without connection. This is why Heart Awakening is so important. Without the heart, there’s no true Spiritual Awakening. Bypass the heart, and instead, you’ll end up with what is normally called a ‘spiritualized ego,’ typically seen in a person who knows all about oneness but has never experienced it.

Five Common Symptoms of Heart Awakening

Waking up to your heart will often lead to:

1) Feeling Connected to all life

This overwhelming feeling of connection is not based upon a belief in religious or philosophical ideas or concepts, but rather the ongoing, moment-to-moment, direct experience of our connection with all life.

2) A Rise in Empathy and Compassion

You become more sensitive to your and other people’s emotions. As a result, it’s easier to feel other people’s emotional pain and even see life from their perspective. This is what compassion is all about. As a result, it becomes easier to be more understanding and forgiving.

3) Feelings of love towards everyone and everything

You begin to feel an all-encompassing love for everything and everyone. You feel happy for no reason and see love and beauty everywhere, even in places you never thought you’d find them. The world looks friendly, benevolent, and supportive. Life is good all the time.

4) Ability to see the essence and innocence behind all people and things

You are able to see beyond the world of form and can now tune into the essence of people and situations. It becomes easier to see the innocence behind each person, and as a result, you become more accepting and let go of the need of wanting to change others.

5) Increased synchronicities and sense of being in the flow

There’s an increase in synchronicities, and you begin to sense that you’re now being supported by a loving intelligence that is always working for your highest good. Events, people, and circumstances align so your intentions can be fully realized. The miraculous becomes part of your everyday life!

The Greatest Challenge You’ll Face

Once you begin the Heart Awakening process, you’ll be subject to the healing and transformative power of love. For, once love gets in, love will summon all the unlovingness within you so that it can be healed.

This will result in the death of all those parts of your personality operating from fear, anger, guilt, or shame. It will feel as if a part of you is dying. It is. This is what St. John of the Cross referred to as the “Dark Night of the Soul.”

As this part of you dies, you’ll feel as if God or Divinity has abandoned you. It hasn’t. What’s actually happening is you’re learning to hold this new light inside your heart without external help. The key is to keep on walking and keep moving forward no matter what! Letting go and surrender will become your best allies and friends.

Heart Awakening and The Five Ways of Being

As I wrote in my previous article, one of the fastest ways to grow spiritually and awaken to your heart’s love, wisdom, and power is by embodying the Five Ways of Being. In my experience, they provide a roadmap for living an emotionally and spiritually satisfying life that truly expresses what it means to live from the heart.

If you want to fully awaken to your heart, a wonderful way to do that is by joining our Heart Mastery Course. This introductory level course is for people who want to learn the foundational principles and practices of Heart-Centered Living and learn how to follow their hearts. As a result of participating, you’ll be creating a life that is in perfect alignment with your core values, life purpose, and true desires of your heart.

To learn more about Heart Mastery or to enroll, please visit the course’s information page.

From my heart to yours,

Heart Mastery

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