The Heart Leader

USD $4,800 • 10 payments of $525

A nine-month certified program in Heart Intelligence Coaching, Small Group Facilitation, and Transformational Leadership. Starts on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

The world urgently needs more heart-centered coaches, facilitators, and leaders. This deeply transformative program will help you become part of a worldwide movement of people who are working to bring Heart-Centered Living principles and practices to the world.



The world urgently needs more heart-centered coaches, facilitators, and leaders. This program, created by Gabriel Gonsalves, will help you become part of a worldwide movement of people working to bring Heart-Centered Living principles and practices to the world.

The Heart Leader Certification Program curriculum includes understanding the principles and practices of deep, heart-centered coaching, small group facilitation, and transformational leadership.

As a student, you will:

  • Learn to teach the principles and practices of heart-centered living to others
  • Acquire new emotional self-mastery and compassionate communication skills
  • Develop the skills of Heart Intelligence Coaching and facilitating small groups
  • Build the foundations of a conscious, heart-centered business or practice
  • Learn how to create clients and enroll students in your programs
  • Lead others from a place of courage, compassion, kindness, and love
  • Transcend your limitations, grow personally, and deepen your spiritual path

Join us for this extraordinary program that has psychological, emotional, and spiritual depth.

Key Features

We’ll meet every week via Zoom Video Conference. In the safety of our heart circle, you’ll be able to connect with other students and apply the newfound wisdom.

Here is what is included in the program:

  • Individual Coaching – Three coaching sessions with Gabriel
  • Weekly group calls – 90-minute, weekly group calls via Zoom
  • Online Courses – Pre-recorded courses and lessons to view at your pace
  • Practicum – Two-month practicum facilitating a small group and teaching
  • Mentoring – Supported by regular mentoring calls and peer group meetings
  • Community – Private portal to connect and interact with other participants
  • Resource Library – A digital library of e-books, audios, and videos
  • Unlimited Access – Lifetime access to all course materials

The Logistics

The Heart Leader Program starts on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023, and meets via Zoom every Tuesday. Depending on your timezone, you can choose to join one of two cohorts:

Cohort A:  6 am EDT, 11 am GMT, 12 pm CEST and SAST, 9 pm AEST
Ideal for people located in Europe, Asia, and Australia (See your local time)

Cohort B:  9 am PDT, 12 pm EDT, 5 pm GMT, 6 pm CEST and SAST
Ideal for people located in the United States, Latin America, and Europe (See your local time)

Requirements and Certification

The two main requirements are that you’re able to participate fully and that you have a deep desire to learn the nine skills of Heart-Centered Transformative Leadership and use them to help others.

You are a great fit if you have:

  • A genuine interest in spirituality, compassion, and living from the heart
  • A strong commitment to learning, growing, healing, and transforming
  • A deep desire to help others and create a big impact in their lives

Upon completion of the program and meeting all requirements, you will be certified by The Heart Leader Academy and Gabriel Gonsalves in Heart Intelligence Coaching and Heart-Centered, Transformative Leadership.

This exceptional training will equip you to make a significant contribution to the evolution of your being and help shift the consciousness of humanity to a wiser and more compassionate level.

The Nine Skills You’ll Master

A Heart Leader is someone who coaches, guides, and supports others through their personal transformation from a place of courage, compassion, kindness, and love. This awareness is developed by mastering the following Nine Skills of Heart Leadership.

1) Follow your Heart

Learn the foundational principles and practices of Heart-Centered Living, and master the skill of listening to and following your heart.

Lessons in this Module:

  • One Path, Many Names
  • The Two Channels of Experience
  • Three Brains, Multiple Intelligences
  • The Four Stages of Spiritual Development
  • The Five Ways of Being
  • The 7 Principles of Applied Heart Intelligence
  • The Twelve Heart Virtues
  • How to Activate the Law of the Heart
  • Tune in, Listen, and Follow your Heart

2) Create a Life you Love

Create a new vision for your life that is aligned with your core values, life purpose, and the true desires of your heart.

Lessons in this Module:

  • Core Values, Life Purpose and Heart Desires
  • Catching your Heart’s Vision
  • Developing Heartset & Mindset
  • Creating a Strategy for Success
  • Growing New Skills, Capacities & Habits
  • Eliminating your Energy Drains
  • Creating your 90-day Manifestation Plan
  • Developing Intuition & Taking Action
  • Aligning with your Heart’s Vision

3) Master your Emotions

Master your emotions, reintegrate your shadows, and develop the capacity to remain strong, calm, and centered during stressful times.

Lessons in this Module:

  • Embracing the Path of Emotional Self-Mastery
  • Who You Really Are & How You Got Here
  • Emotional Trauma and the Ego’s Coping Mechanisms
  • From Breakdown to Breakthrough
  • Identifying your Emotional Wounds & Shadows
  • Healing the Core Wound of the Heart
  • Navigating the Emotional Landscape 
  • Neutralizing, Transmuting & Redirecting Negative Emotions
  • Choosing Compassion, Kindness, and Love

4) Communicate with Compassion

Communicate with others more clearly, authentically and compassionately so you can build deeper, more loving relationships.

Lessons in this Module:

  • Conscious Communication Basics
  • The 4 Horsemen of Relationship Apocalypse
  • How Shadows Affect our Relationships
  • The Compassionate Communication Framework
  • Giving Feedback & Expressing your Desires
  • Establishing Healthy Interpersonal Boundaries
  • Compassionate Inquiry 
  • The Five Love Languages
  • 5-Minute Relationship Repair 

5) Coach from the Heart

Learn the unique art of Deep, Heart-centered, Transformational Coaching so you can bring out the best from everyone.

Lessons in this Module:

  • Heart Intelligence Coaching Fundamentals
  • The Three Components of Transformative Change
  • Levels, Stage & Cycles: Understanding How People Change
  • The Power of Questions
  • The Power of Presence, Silence, and Deep Listening
  • The Heart Intelligence Coaching Framework
  • Small-Group Facilitation & Relationship Dynamics
  • Your Coaching Toolkit: Dealing with Blocks, Resistance & Shadows
  • The Coaching Journey: How to Get Started with a New Client

6) Enroll Without Selling

Learn how to have the type of conversation that leads to creating a new client or enlisting someone’s participation, help, or support.

Lessons in this Module:

  • Creating vs. Attracting Clients
  • Three Decisions Every Potential Client must Make
  • How to Build Trust and Credibility
  • The Heart Intelligence Enrollment Framework
  • Selling without Feeling Like You’re Selling
  • Ingredients of a Successful Enrollment Conversation
  • Possibility vs. Affordability
  • Making Outrageous Proposals
  • Finalizing the deal and moving forward

7) Transform Lives

Build the foundations of a heart-centered, transformative business that allows you to express your purpose and bring out the best in others.

Lessons in this Module:

  • The Seven Stages of Practice Building
  • The Four Pillars of a Conscious, Heart-Centered Business
  • Clarifying your Business’ Vision & Purpose
  • Identifying your Ideal Client
  • Defining your Client’s Relationship Pathway
  • Designing your Products and Services
  • Setting your Prices and asking for Money
  • Defining your Client’s Journey
  • How to Fill your Practice

8) Transcend your Limitations

Exceed your self-imposed limitations and manifest your highest destiny by following your unique Path of Transcendence.

Lessons in this Module:

  • The Path of Transcendence & Why It’s so Important
  • The Four Initiations every Leader must go through
  • Overcoming Addictions & Self-Defeating Behaviors
  • The Wounded Healer Archetype
  • Choosing your Guides & Masters
  • Integrity: Dealing with Pitfalls, Distractions, and Attacks
  • The Power of Prayer and Rituals
  • Keeping Holy Company
  • The Power of Compassion, Forgiveness, and Surrender

9) Lead Powerfully

Learn to lead others from a place of compassion, kindness, and love. Become the change you want to see in the world.

Lessons in this Module:

  • Thought Leadership vs. Heart Leadership
  • Being You: Discovering your Unique Leadership Style
  • The Most Important Decision You Must Make
  • Working In your Vision vs. On your Vision
  • Connection & Distribution Channels 
  • Support Systems & Tools 
  • Assembling your Support Team
  • Creating Your Leadership Development Plan
  • The Nine Laws of Heart Leadership

Tuition Fee and Enrollment

The financial investment is a single payment of USD $4,800 or ten monthly payments of USD $525.

Partial Scholarships

We have a very limited number of partial scholarships based on true financial needs. Please do not apply for this unless you have a real financial need. To apply for a partial scholarship, please contact us.

If you’re ready to start creating a life you truly love, take your leadership and mastery skills to the next level, and manifest your highest potential, I’d like to invite you to enroll in the 2024 Heart Leader Training.