living from the heart

Living from the Heart

USD $39 • Includes Access to Resource Library

Embark on the path of wholehearted living and awaken the love, wisdom, and power of your heart.

Learn the foundational principles and practices of Heart-Centered living, explore the pillars for creating optimal heart health, and cultivate inner well-being with this self-pace course.

Course Description

Step into a life of authenticity and fulfillment with “Living from the Heart: The Foundations of Heart-Centered Living,” an empowering online course guided by Gabriel Gonsalves. Explore the transformative practices, principles, and pillars of heart-centered living designed to help you create a purposeful and deeply authentic life.

As a result of participating in this course, you will:

  • Feel more connected to yourself and others.
  • Gain access to greater intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Develop compassion and understanding for yourself.
  • Improve focus and concentration throughout the day.
  • Experience increased energy levels.
  • Bring more harmony and balance into your life.
  • Enhance overall heart health and well-being.

Course Overview

This course is structured around three transformative components:

Embrace the Foundational Principles: Dive deep into the core principles that form the bedrock of heart-centered living. From cultivating authenticity and compassion to embracing gratitude and forgiveness, these principles will illuminate the path to aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with the wisdom of your heart. Through reflective exercises and real-life examples, you will forge a profound connection with yourself and others, fostering a sense of fulfillment like never before.

Inhabit the Foundational Practices: Unlock the power of embodying heart-centered living through guided exercises and meditations. Develop essential skills such as heart coherence, conscious heart breathing, emotional intelligence, conscious communication, and mindful living. These practices serve as potent tools to infuse your daily life with love, kindness, and empathy, leading to a more meaningful and heart-driven existence.

Embody the Pillars of Wholehearted Living: Discover the key pillars that support a wholehearted lifestyle, guiding you in integrating heart-centered living into every facet of your being. From nurturing relationships and prioritizing self-care to fostering personal growth and enhancing overall well-being, learn how to create a lifestyle that not only aligns with your heart’s desires but also nurtures your well-being and self-compassion.

Course Outline

Explore a rich curriculum informed by scientific, philosophical, and spiritual insights in Heart Intelligence. Delve into practical processes, tools, and techniques honed through years of experience in guiding individuals towards living wholeheartedly and manifesting their ideal lifestyles.

Module 1: Heart Intelligence Fundamentals

  1. How Heart Intelligence Works: Unveil the inner workings of Heart Intelligence and its impact on your daily life.
  2. Heart vs. Emotional Intelligence: Explore the distinction between these two vital forms of intelligence.
  3. The Vagus Nerve and Heart Rate Variability: Understand the connection between these physiological aspects and emotional well-being.
  4. Unlocking Heart Coherence: Learn the keys to achieving and maintaining heart coherence.
  5. Practical Application: Dive into HeartMath’s Quick Coherence technique for immediate results.

Module 2: The Seven Foundational Principles

  1. One Path, Many Names – Delve into the path of the heart from various perspectives, including philosophical, spiritual, and cultural, to gain a deeper understanding of its significance and universal nature.
  2. Two Channels of Perception – Explore the two channels of perception – the linear and nonlinear. Understand how these modes of perception influence our understanding of the world and shape our experiences.
  3. Three Brains, Three Intelligences – Discover the three intelligences residing in the head, heart, and gut brain, and their unique roles in shaping our thoughts, emotions, and intuition. Explore the reptilian, mammalian, and neocortex brains and their interactions.
  4. The Four Stages of Heart Mastery – Embarking on the Heart Mastery Journey: Uncover the four stages of heart mastery that every seeker must embrace – the Mind, the Heart, the Spirit, and the Service to Spirit. Explore the qualities and transformations associated with each stage – the Hermit, the Initiate, the Warrior, and the Leader.
  5. The Five Ways of Being – Discover how to embody Tej Steiner’s five ways of being – Clear, Present, Real, Connected, and Heart-Directed. Explore practices and perspectives that cultivate these ways of being and align your actions with the wisdom of the heart.
  6. The Seven Operating Principles – Dive into the seven operating principles that underpin heart-centered living. Explore the concepts of energy, electromagnetism, electromagnetic attractor fields, resonance, entrainment, and expanded heart field to deepen your understanding of their impact on personal and collective experiences.
  7. The 12 Heart Virtues – Immerse yourself in the twelve heart virtues that guide heart-centered living. Explore the qualities of Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Understanding, Humility, Valor, Love, Harmony, Truth, Honor, Kindness, and Freedom. Learn how to cultivate and integrate these virtues into your daily life, fostering a more compassionate and authentic way of being.

Module 3: The Seven Foundational Practices

  1. Witnessing – Cultivate awareness and non-judgmental observation of your thoughts, sensations, and emotions.
  2. Grounding Excess Energy – Learn techniques to channel and ground excess energy for emotional balance.
  3. Connecting to Source – Establish a deeper connection with your inner self and the universal energy.
  4. Energizing the Heart (Basic Coherence) – Develop skills to create and sustain basic heart coherence for well-being.
  5. Harmonizing with the Whole (Fractal Coherence) – Expand your coherence practice to harmonize with the collective.
  6. Radiating Compassion –  Learn to cultivate and radiate compassion towards yourself and others.
  7. Asking for Guidance and Direction – Learn to tap into your heart’s wisdom and intuition to seek guidance and clarity.

Module 4: The Seven Pillars of Implementation

  1. Movement: Explore the importance of physical movement and exercise for heart-centered living.
  2. Sleep: Understand the significance of quality sleep and relaxation for overall well-being.
  3. Nutrition: Nourish your body with heart-healthy foods and embrace mindful eating practices.
  4. Supplementation: Learn about supplements that support heart health and overall vitality.
  5. Coherence: Dive deeper into practices and techniques that enhance heart coherence.
  6. Creativity: Cultivate creative expression as a means of connecting with your heart’s desires.
  7. Connection: Foster meaningful connections and create a supportive community around you.

Module 5: Putting it All Together

  1. The Key to Embodiment: Discover the essential elements that lead to the embodiment of heart-centered living.
  2. Your Implementation Plan: Develop a strategy to integrate the seven pillars into your daily life.

Key Features

Enrich your learning experience with these key features:

  • Video Lessons: Engaging pre-recorded lessons to enhance your understanding and practice.
  • Community Interaction: Access to a private portal for interaction and support from like-minded participants.
  • Resource Library: A digital library with e-books, audios, and videos to deepen your knowledge.
  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy unlimited access to all course materials for ongoing reference and reinforcement.

Tuition & Registration

Gain immediate access to “Living from the Heart” with a one-time investment of USD $39.

Join us on this transformative journey to unlock the immense potential of your heart. Embrace heart-centered practices, embody foundational principles, and cultivate a heart-healthy lifestyle that leads to greater joy, authenticity, and fulfillment.