How to Find Your Path

Find Your Path

We live in a world of shortcuts and hacks, constantly seeking faster and more effective ways to get whatever it is we want. From attracting wealth, building a website, writing a book, losing weight, to finding a partner, out there somewhere you’ll find the perfect hacking guide.

But when it comes to the most important things in life, like those relationships you value most, or the path that you are here to follow, there’s no hack. Only your heart.

In the book My Journey with Maya by Tavis Smiley, Maya Angelou says,

“We find our path by walking it. No matter how much you seek the answers to life from external sources, the truth you seek can only be found within you. You must walk your path without aid of shortcuts. And you need to acknowledge that the journey toward the authentic you is more important than the destination.”

No matter what others tell you, what books you read, or what videos you watch, the only way to find your path to what you want is by walking toward it.

Want to start a new relationship? Ask someone out.

Want to improve an existing relationship? Start being more loving.

Want to write a book? Write the first page.

Want to become a musician? Sign up for a music class.

Want to discover your life’s purpose? Start doing things purposefully.

You have to do the work, put in the hours, and fully immerse yourself.

There are no shortcuts.

As you walk your walk, you’ll discover that the joy is in the journey itself. It’s in the ups and downs, the milestones and the mistakes, the relationships that challenge you the most and the ones that bring you the most joy, the obstacles you face and the creative solutions you come up with.

The joy comes from being gentle, loving, and forgiving towards yourself each time you fall out of grace, lose momentum, and feel unmotivated, lost, or confused. The reward is in looking back at all the miles you’ve traveled, how much you’ve learned and the person you’ve become along the way.

Your heart is there to inspire and guide you, and to reminding you to get your ass back on the path each time you lose your way.

You find your path by walking it.

There’s no other way.

To support you along this journey, here are eight clear signs that you’re not following your path.

From my heart to yours,

Find Your Path

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