Necessary Endings

For a rose bush to achieve its highest potential of beauty, fragrance, and growth, a good gardener knows that it must be carefully trimmed.

Having a clear vision of what a beautiful bush looks like, the gardener prunes the rose bush when:

1) The plant produces more flower buds than it can sustain,

2) Parts of the plant are broken, sick or diseased, and

3) Dead branches must be removed to create space for new growth.

Our lives, relationships, and businesses are just like the rose bush and therefore subject to the natural laws of birth, growth, decline, and death.

Like your first pair of shoes, everything in your life that was good and felt right at one point will eventually be outgrown or cycle itself out so that a new relationship, vision, idea or direction can take root and grow.

As the gardener prunes the “good” buds and keeps only the “best” ones, so must we also choose to let go of all those relationships, ideas, beliefs and habits that no longer serve us or keep us from being at our best.

As the gardener prunes the parts of the plant are broken, sick or diseased, so must we bring a necessary ending to those relationships, ideas, beliefs or habits that are toxic, unhealthy, or damaged beyond repair.

As the gardener cuts off the dead branches so that new branches can grow, we too must let go of all those people, behaviors, or perspectives that are long dead but that out of habit, addiction or other unknown reason we’re still holding on to.

For something new to grow in your life, something else must be surrendered, let go of, or die.

If you could begin to see your life as a garden and yourself as a gardener whose duty is to grow the most wonderful, inspiring, and beautiful garden possible, what would you start pruning away?

What people, events, habits, behaviors, ideas, beliefs, or environments must you let go of?

What is “good but not best?”

What is “sick and can’t get well?”

What is “long since dead?”

More importantly, are you willing to make the conscious choice to surrender it so that something new can be born instead?

Are you willing to have that difficult conversation either with yourself or someone you care deeply for, from a real, honest and authentic space and finally admit it’s time to part ways?

Can you love yourself enough to bring a necessary ending to that part of you that is out of alignment with the person you have chosen to become?

A new beginning is an opportunity to do things differently. That necessary ending you’ve been avoiding at all costs might just be the door that takes you to the rose garden your heart has been longing for.

From my heart to yours,

Necessary Endings

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