Waking Up vs Getting Up

Waking Up vs Getting Up

There’s a big difference between waking up and getting up. Waking up begins when you start to feel the need for some kind of change in those areas of your life that no longer fulfill or satisfy you.

Something feels off or simply not right…

Perhaps it’s in your most intimate relationships. You just don’t feel connected to the other person anymore. It’s as if you’re growing apart or living in two very different dimensions.

Perhaps you feel it at work, the business you’re in or the organization you’re part of. Something feels off, and out of alignment with your inner sense of direction. The simplest and smallest tasks take forever to get accomplished, and the only thing that gets you through is will-power.

Perhaps it’s with your physical body. You feel sluggish, heavy, and drained out. It’s as if you’ve lost your ability to feel fully alive and enthusiastic.

Whether it’s in your most intimate relationships, your job, your physical body, your life purpose, your home, the town where you live, the foods you’re eating, the books you’re reading, or the people you’re hanging out with, deep down within your own heart there’s a growing feeling of dissatisfaction.

You’re not alone…

This is the same feeling a butterfly feels when pushing against the walls of the cocoon that she’s weaved around her. It’s like a built-in alarm system designed to let her know she’s outgrown the cocoon and is ready to fly towards the horizon.


What if behind your feelings of dissatisfaction, there’s a still small voice reminding you of your unrealized potential?

What if the dissatisfaction you currently feel is simply the call to adventure urging you to get out of that comfortable bed and start taking action?

Hearing this voice, our initial reaction is to ignore it, deny it, plead with it, or silence it. We hit the proverbial ’snooze’ button and go back to sleep under the comfort of our warm blankets.

Progressively, this voice gets angrier and louder. And it’s not until your hair literally ‘catches on fire’ that you’re crudely awakened and forced out of bed and into the cold shower.

By then, what we least expected or imagined has already happened…

The person you love leaves you, betrays you, or passes.

You get fired from your job, get evicted, or thrown out.

You get a medical diagnosis, lose your health or something dear you’ve been taking for granted.

Pressing the ’snooze’ button will keep you in bed but doesn’t stop the sun from rising. Sooner or later you’ll have to face the fear, doubt, and uncertainty that all forms of change and transformation ultimately require.

The same fear, doubt, and uncertainty that each caterpillar feels when, out of love for itself, it surrenders who it used to be so that it can become who it was meant to be.

For you see, it’s self-love and a deep honoring of her destiny what instinctively drives the caterpillar to isolate herself from the world and go to sleep for a little while. Only to awaken days later in her new pair wings ready to face the world.

When you ask yourself, “Who am I to love and care for myself enough to wholeheartedly go after 100% of my heart’s desires?”, my answer is…

“Who the hell are you not to be?”

You didn’t come to this planet to live in fear, guilt, shame, or anger for not having what your heart most desires.You didn’t come here to make excuse after excuse about why you don’t have the life or relationships you’ve always wanted.

You didn’t come here to wait for others to authorize, approve, certify or give you permission to be who you came here to be.

You came here to wake up to your highest potential by uncovering the seed planted within your heart that contains the destiny you’re here to manifest. A destiny that is waiting for you on the other side of your current level of dissatisfaction.

This includes all your heart can dream up, including a lifestyle you truly love, having deeper more loving relationships, experiencing greater health and wellbeing, while fully expressing yourself and having ample income to do what you love.

Staying awake, but safely tucked-in under the warm blanket does not serve you nor the world. It only feeds your bed bugs, buys you time and delays the inevitable.

Until you make the decision to get up and start taking powerful, imperfect and inspired action that is congruent or in alignment with your heart’s desires nothing in your world will change or be altered.

Waking up is just the first of 1,000 steps.

The remaining 999 steps are the ones you walk every time you get out of bed and continue to take action in the direction of your heart’s desires.

Only by surrendering her old self and welcoming the new is how the caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

Can you love yourself enough to let go of the life you planned so that you can welcome the life that has been waiting for you all this time?

From my heart to yours,

Waking Up vs Getting Up

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