Five Reasons Why You’re Not With Your Soulmate


If you’re not with your soulmate yet, chances are it’s because of at least one of the five reasons I describe in this article. Get them handled, and you’ll be well on your way towards finally having the love your heart longs for.

Setting the intention to attract the kind of romantic relationship your heart is longing for will often be met by an equal amount of resistance from that part of you designed to keep you safe by resisting change. Let’s face it. Once you find your ideal partner, lover, or Soulmate – or they find you, your life will never be the same…

You’ll be risking being vulnerable and possibly having your heart broken or feelings hurt.

Your relationship with ‘my freedom,’ ‘my time,’ ‘my space,’ and ‘my things’ will change.

You’ll now have a front-row witness to all those habits, behaviors, and attitudes you’ve kept neatly hidden.

Are you indeed ready to be in a relationship that will challenge the status quo of your life? Are you prepared to be in a relationship that will undoubtedly challenge that part of you designed to keep you safe?

If you answered yes to these two questions, I’d like to help you gain clarity on this topic by sharing what I believe are the top five reasons why you might not be with your Soulmate yet. Being aware of them will help you move past the resistance that keeps you from having the love you truly want.

Five Reasons Why You’re Not With Your Soulmate

1) You don’t REALLY want it

When it comes to romance, many of us have fallen in love with the idea of love and not love itself. We’ve idealized this thing we call love, making it something unrealistically perfect when in fact, loving relationships can be messy, painful, and risky. Do you want real, dirty, perfectly imperfect love?

Your Soulmate is not someone coming to save you, rescue, or make you happy. What makes the two of you Soulmates is that you consciously choose to walk the Path to Soulmate Love together and use your relationship as a vehicle for growth, healing, and transformation.

If this is what you truly want? Are you willing to take 100% responsibility for your ability to create it?

2) You have a closed heart

Having a closed heart or a heart filled with fear, anger, and shame doesn’t allow others in and can block you from welcoming new love. From an energetic standpoint, a closed heart vibrates at a lower energetic frequency leading you to experience emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, anger, and pride. These emotions act as a wall around your heart and push love away from you. This is why the poet Rumi once said that when it comes to finding true love, our “task is not to seek love, but merely to find all the barriers within ourselves that we have built against it.” For true love to come into your life, the walls around your heart must come down!

Are you willing to open your heart to love and risk being vulnerable?

3) You’re still hanging on to someone from the past

As long as you’re still attached to someone from the past and keep harboring fantasies that ‘someday things will work out with them,’ you won’t have room in your life for true love to come to you. The same is true if there’s someone that you’ve not forgiven and truly let go of. Holding onto the past keeps you unavailable to someone who could be a better match for you and even surpass any relationship experience from the past.

If there’s someone you’re still holding on to? Are you finally willing to release them by admitting that you would be already together if that person were your true Soulmate?

4) You believe there’s something wrong with you

Do you believe there’s something inherently wrong or flawed with you that will turn potential partners off? Maybe it’s a physical thing like your current age, weight, skin condition, hair, etc. Perhaps it’s your home, financial status, or job? Whatever you believe is wrong with you or makes you unlovable is often the same thing your Soulmate will love about you. And the reason is simple: to your true Soulmate, you are it! Whatever you think is wrong or broken with you, they will see past it because they see beyond your human imperfections and flaws and connect with the gifts and qualities you have.

Are you willing to finally embrace the truth that you are already whole, perfect, and complete? Are you ready to finally embrace that your true Soulmate will love you just as you are?

5) You don’t have a strategy or plan of action

It’s unlikely that your Soulmate will come knocking at your door, introduce themselves and ask you to get married. Preparing for this kind of relationship requires that you build new skills and start doing things differently. To navigate the new territory, you need some framework, map, or plan of action. My Path to Soulmate Love Program provides a proven, step-by-step process to help you open your heart, become a love magnet, and create the relationship your heart truly desires.

Are you willing to start preparing for this kind of relationship? Are you committed to developing the necessary skills that will allow you to create this kind of relationship?

Walking the Path to Soulmate Love

If you’ve been feeling insecure about your ability to manifest Soulmate Love, maybe it’s time for you to:

  • Renew your commitment to getting the love you truly want
  • Open your heart to welcoming new love
  • Release the past and anyone you’re still attached to
  • Let go of all excuses and beliefs about why you can’t have the love you want, and
  • Start preparing yourself for this new relationship

Doing these five things will undoubtedly help you move beyond the resistance to change. You will not only have the love you’ve always wanted, but you’ll also become a more loving and powerful version of yourself.

From my heart to yours,


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