Five Steps to Following Your Heart’s Direction

In my experience, what keeps most people from truly following their heart’s guidance and direction is not knowing the five essential steps required. Master these steps, and you’ll not only be following your heart, but more importantly, you’ll have access to a vast set of powerful inner resources.

The process of following your heart’s guidance and direction is very similar to how a computer typically connects to the immense amount of information available through the Internet.

First, you must open the computer by turning it on. Next, you must connect it to the Internet. Once connected, the computer asks for information by sending a request. Then, the computer listens as it receives the data. You then follow by clicking a link that takes you to a website or favorite social network.

Let’s look at you can follow these same fives steps to follow your heart’s guidance and direction.

5 Steps to Following your Heart’s Direction

1) Open

The key to opening your heart is focusing your awareness in the middle of your chest and energizing your heart with your breath. You want to breath slower than you usually would, directing the air down to your belly and with a nice even rhythm so that both inhale and the exhale are approximately the same length.

2) Connect

As you breathe in and out of the heart, imagine a chord or ray of light that connects your heart to the heart of God, Spirit, or Source. With each breath, imagine you’re now energizing your heart with the Love, Wisdom, and Power that emanates from its source. Then, feel appreciation for this connection knowing this connection is real. By activating this feeling, you’re changing your heart’s electromagnetic frequency.

3) Ask

Now that the connection has been established, it is time to ask your heart for guidance and direction. I find that the best way to do this is by addressing your heart directly.

Here are some examples:

“My heart, how do you feel about___________?”

“My heart, what is the most loving thing I can do for myself and this other person?”

“My heart, what is the lesson I’m being asked to learn in this situation?”

“My heart, what are you most longing for with regards to this current situation?|

“My heart, can you give me an insight into this problem and the best direction forward?”

4) Listen

Once you’ve asked, your job is to be present and listen. Listen with such undivided attention as if your life depended on it because it does! What are you listening for? Your heart can communicate by revealing feelings, memories, sounds, images, physical sensations, metaphors, or simply a deep sense of knowing. As you listen, let go of any preconceived notions about how or when the answer will come and merely welcome all that is revealed.

5) Follow

Once the answers begin to flow, it’s now time to choose the direction you’d like to follow. This might require taking specific action steps that will lead to the results you want. In this physical universe, all creation is preceded by some form of action. So act on the guidance you’ve received without delay! Your action may not always lead to success, but there’s no success without action.

In Conclusion

By taking time regularly to open, connect, ask, listen and follow your heart’s guidance and direction, you’re cultivating the right inner conditions that will inevitably lead to living in greater harmony with your heart’s true desires. This is the Foundation of Heart-Centered Living.

From my heart to yours,

Following Your Heart

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