The Courage to Be You

The Courage to Be You

Many people don’t know that the great American Poet, E. E. Cummings, self-published most of his work. His poetry went against the conventional thinking of the culture of his time. As a result, he struggled to find a publisher who believed in him and the message he wanted to share with the world.

Despite receiving countless rejection letters from publishers from all over the U.S., each night E.E. kept on pouring his soul onto each poem he wrote. He published his work because he knew it takes courage to become the person you know in your heart you’re destined to become.

It takes courage to quit your current job after finally admitting to yourself your heart is not in it, and there’s a higher calling you’d like to pursue.

It takes courage to end a relationship with someone you’ve grown comfortable with after finally admitting to yourself you’re not in love or that this person isn’t a good fit for you.

It takes courage to sell the home you’ve lived in during the past 35 years and get a fresh start by moving to another country, city, or town.

It takes courage to carry on when someone you love profoundly dies or leaves, and you feel so broken that you have lost all desire to live.

It takes courage to stand on a stage of life and share your story vulnerably only to have others attack, criticize, or bully you and tell you are full of bull**it.

It takes courage to continue to care for someone after your love was rejected by them even when you know there’s no chance you will ever be with them.

It takes courage to pick yourself up time and time again after each fall, disappointment, or failure and remaining true to you or the vision you have for your life.

It takes great courage to say, “No,” “I don’t want this,” “This is not okay with me,” “I don’t love you,” “I want something different,” or “I can’t be what you want me to be.”

It takes courage to be you, the real you.

From my heart to yours,

The Courage to Be You

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