The Key to Having all the Money You Want

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By Gabriel Gonsalves

Personal mastery, leadership development, and spiritual growth with the heart in mind. 


Dr. Wayne Dyer once wrote that abundance is not something we get, but something we tune into. How do you align yourself with the frequency of abundance? What are the steps? This week’s article will help you answer these questions and show you the key to having all the money you want.

Our consumer-driven culture encourages us to believe in the lie of scarcity, or the idea that there are not enough material goods or resources to go around. Buying into this belief system traps you into thinking that who you are isn’t enough and that no matter how hard you work, you must struggle to have more.

So, you work harder and harder to get others to love you. 

You work longer hours, hoping someday you’ll have more money and more time to do the things you enjoy most. 

You work harder, struggle more, and sacrifice yourself just to feel you have enough. 

The harder you try, the more exhausted you feel, and the more you feel you don’t have enough.

Overcoming the Lie of Scarcity

Overcoming the lie of scarcity requires changing how you perceive yourself and your world. It requires that you consciously let go of all notions of scarcity and choose to live your life from a new, radical, and surprising truth:

That who you are is enough, and there are more than enough resources in our world to go around. That Divinity – not your job, the economy, or other people – is the true source of the abundance you seek. 

When you completely align with this truth, you instantly feel more prosperous. Tuning into this inner feeling of prosperity changes how you see your world, and as a result, your experience of the world changes.

When you are fully aligned with the frequency of abundance, the world becomes a safe, loving, and nurturing place where your needs can easily be met. In this new world, you are loved and appreciated for who you are. And the more you share your unique gifts and talents in service to others, the more you are provided for.

The Inner Journey of Prosperity

Prosperity, more than a destination you’ll reach someday, is the inward journey you embark on when you consciously and wholeheartedly choose to:

  1. Become a prosperous person
  2. See yourself as a prosperous person
  3. Think of yourself as a prosperous person
  4. Feel prosperous regardless of your current conditions
  5. Develop the habits that lead to greater prosperity
  6. Share your creative gifts in service to others
  7. Act on new opportunities that come your way
  8. Stay actively open and receptive to the abundance that surrounds you

The Decision to Be Prosperous

The journey towards a more prosperous and abundant version of you begins when you decide to be prosperous. This decision can be made by simply placing a hand over the heart, taking a deep breath, activating the feeling of gratitude for all you already have, and affirming:

I now choose to be prosperous in every area of my life! I am worthy of prosperity, abundance, and wealth. I am enough, I do enough, and I have enough. I am fully aligned with Divinity, my true source of all abundance.

The more I share my creative gifts in service to others, the more prosperous I am! I’m open, available, and receptive to all the abundance in the world! Nothing and no one can keep me from experiencing true abundance and wealth!

As you affirm this, notice what abundance feels like as a feeling in your body.

Where in your body do you feel them the most?

What thoughts, images, or ideas come to mind?

Is there anything you feel inspired to do?

Let these feelings guide your actions toward a more prosperous you.

From my heart to yours,