Unlock Your Potential & Create Lasting Change with These Three Steps

Life is an ever-evolving journey, where change is the only constant. But let’s be real, meaningful transformation can sometimes feel impossible. We all want to change our circumstances, but often end up going in circles, feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. The key to profound change might just be in your hands. If you want to unlock a whole new world of possibilities for your life and truly grow into the person you are meant to be, there are three important choices you must make first. This week, let me share what they are.

Twelve years ago, my life sucked. I was working for a non-profit organization that couldn’t afford to pay me, tirelessly working on several projects that required a lot of energy but hardly saw any financial gain. As a result, I always felt stressed about money and anxious about the future.

Almost every night, I’d go to sleep thinking about how I wasn’t living the life I knew in my heart I was meant to live. Things had to change, but I had no idea where to begin.

I remember this one night when I felt so helpless and alone, I just wished I wouldn’t wake up the next day. “Dear God,” I prayed before falling asleep. “I don’t want to be here anymore. It’s too painful. Take me home, or please change things for me!”

When I woke up, I looked around to see if my prayer had been answered, but nothing had changed. I still felt the same way. That’s when I noticed the following thought in my head…

No one is coming, Gabriel. No one is coming to rescue you, save you, or tell you everything will be okay, or fix things for you. No one is coming to pay your rent, bail you out, or take care of you. No one is coming until you first take full responsibility for yourself, commit to change, and ask for the support you need.

My prayer was answered, but not in the way I hoped. The change I desperately wanted depended on the wisdom I had just received. And my life today is the result of having done exactly those three things.

Nothing Will Change Until You Do

Whatever difficult life situation you find yourself in, nothing will change until you do the following three things:

1. Take Full Responsibility for Yourself

The same energy used to create the mess you find yourself in can be used to uncreate it. To take full responsibility for yourself is to take full ownership of your life experience and begin to see yourself as the creator of it. Your current situation results from some previous choices and actions you’ve made – both consciously and unconsciously. This is the beginning of personal responsibility and the first step required to make meaningful changes.

2. Make the Commitment to Change

Every master was first a disaster. If your life sucks, and you’re feeling deeply dissatisfied with where you are, what if you could start seeing your current situation as an invitation to grow? What if you could use what’s happening to you as an opportunity to let go of all the excuses, addictions, or negative patterns that are holding you back from having what you want? Mastery means you commit to learning from your experience and begin to choose differently.

3. Ask for the Support You Need

If someone is watching, you’ll pedal faster. When making profound, meaningful changes in your life, you’ll need someone to help you and keep you accountable. Ask for support from a trusted teacher, coach, mentor, guide, or friend who has already mastered what you’ve been struggling with. You’re not meant to do it all alone, and you’re certainly not the only person in the world dealing with this issue. Let down your pride and ask for help. It takes courage to ask for the support you need.

Three Questions for You

If you truly desire to transform your current circumstances and make significant, meaningful changes, let me ask you…

  • Are you willing to take full responsibility for yourself and start doing things differently, starting today?
  • Are you ready to finally commit to the changes you want to see in your world by viewing your current circumstances as an invitation to grow?
  • Is there someone you know who might be able to help or support you? If so, are you willing to ask for their help?

Responsibility, commitment, and support. These three things changed my life, and I know they can do the same for you. They will help you start creating the changes in your life that your heart is longing for and grow into the person you ultimately came here to be.

From my heart to yours,


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