The Person You’re Destined to Become

Destined to Become

One of the most powerful questions I often ask my clients is, “What is your heart longing for, and how are you denying it?” Asking yourself this question, especially when you’re most confused or frustrated, can often put you in touch with that part of you that is misaligned with your desire.

One way to find your inner alignment with your desire, vision, or goal is to see yourself as the kind of person who would naturally have that thing your heart most longs for.

Want to be in a profoundly loving relationship?

Start by seeing yourself as the kind of person who would naturally be loving towards themselves and others. What would you feel in your heart if you were such a person? How would you start treating yourself and others differently?

Want to experience greater financial wealth and prosperity?

Start by seeing yourself as the kind of person who would naturally attract, create and enjoy unlimited wealth. What does abundance feel like in your body? How would such a person go about creating and circulating their money?

If you’re committed to resolving a current situation, problem or challenge, let your first step be to create a clear vision of what you want to create instead.

Secondly, ask yourself, “What kind of person would I have to become to have this?”

Finally, choose to become such a person wholeheartedly.

Destiny is not something that happens to you but the cumulative effect of all the choices you make throughout your life. Who you are destined to become tomorrow will be determined by who you are choosing to be now.

From my heart to yours,

Destined to Become

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