The Three Types of Soulmates

I believe three kinds of soulmates can potentially come into our lives. Being aware of them will make it easier for you to release someone from the past you might still be holding onto who is not your true Soulmate.

A soulmate is someone you share a deep, emotional, and spiritual connection that often can’t be logically explained. And as French author Jean Dominique Martin once wrote, they can come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

The Three Types of Soulmates

Karmic Soulmates

The first kind of Soulmate is the karmic Soulmate. These soulmates are the most influential teachers in your life. As Elizabeth Gilbert writes, “they’re here to break your heart open so that the light can get in.” They come to help you learn an important lesson or get from point A to point B in your life.

A true romantic partnership will never work out with these soulmates because it’s not meant to. They only came into your life with the clear karmic intention to open you to the greater love, compassion, and forgiveness available within your heart. Once the lesson is learned or the karma repaid, they will quickly disappear from your life. After you release them and reflect on the hard lessons you learned with them, you’ll discover the main reason they came into your life.

Romantic Soulmates

The second kind of Soulmate is the romantic Soulmate. These soulmates will ignite the flame of true romantic love within your heart. As I share in my article on How to Attract Soulmate Love, you’ll come together precisely when you’re both ready, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to keep each other apart. You come into each other’s lives to love, nurture and support one another, helping each other grow and become a better person along the way.

A romantic soul mate helps you find greater wholeness, creative self-expression, and purpose in your life, and your shared love inspires and touches many. When you are with your romantic Soulmate, you feel like you’re with a spiritual partner or someone with whom you share a greater purpose or reason for being together. These soulmates will be with you during the most expansive and enriching season of your life!

Companion Soulmates

The third kind of Soulmate is the companion Soulmate. These are soulmates you feel can be your true self with and share your innermost thoughts and emotions. Though you feel deeply connected to them, you don’t feel sexually or romantically attracted. These are the friends you haven’t seen or spoken to in weeks, months, or years —but whenever you do connect again, it feels as if neither of you had missed a beat. Sometimes, you might grow apart or move away, only to reconnect again later in life. Other times you might remain lifelong close friends.

With companion soulmates, you feel as if you came from the same planet or as if you two are part of a larger soul group, heart, kinship, energetic or spiritual family. They are meant to keep you company throughout your life, often reminding you who you are, especially when you have forgotten and need a good kick in the ass. They will be your companions for this lifetime!

Soulmate Beyond Lifetimes

Your heart is that central connecting point not only to the heart of God but to everyone’s heart. When it comes to soulmate relationships, I believe that once a deep, meaningful heart-to-heart connection has been made with someone, that connection will last beyond a lifetime. Someone who has touched you deeply will continue to live in your memories but in the depth of your loving heart.

From my heart to yours,

Three Types of Soulmates

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