Being True to your Yourself

Being True

What does it mean to be true to yourself? What does it mean to stay true to your heart? How can you remain true to yourself when making important choices in life? In this week’s article, I answer these questions and share a simple set of questions to help you discover the truth inside your heart.

Within you, there’s an aspect of your being that is always at peace. This part of you sees the bigger picture of your life because it is always connected to the whole. 

It knows where you come from and where you are going. 

It knows the answer to every question you have about your life.

It knows what’s authentic, meaningful, important, and true to you and what isn’t.

It knows the lessons you’re here to learn, the healing you most need, and the best people, events, and circumstances to help you grow.

This place of truth inside yourself is your heart.

Being true to yourself means you make each choice from this infinitely wise, peaceful, and loving aspect of yourself… regardless of what others think it is that you should or shouldn’t do. Even if that means sometimes inconveniencing others or pissing them off. 

You Always Have a Choice

Everything you think, say, or do is a choice. 

How you dress each day is a choice. What you share or withhold in your conversations with others is a choice. The expression you wear as you greet a total stranger, your best friend, lover, or child is a choice. 

Your response to everything that life sends your way is ultimately a choice. 

If you feel that life has put you in a situation where you have “no choice but to” or “have to,” please reconsider.

There’s a bigger truth: You always have a choice.

Thinking you have no choice is a choice. Not choosing is a choice. Ignoring, postponing, or acting indifferently is also a choice.

What if you could take complete ownership of each choice you make? 

Begin to see yourself as the creator of your own experience? Begin to see the quality of your life is a reflection of the qualities of your choices? Choices that are either in alignment or not with the truth inside your heart. Choices you make because you choose to and not have to, ought to, or should.

The Truth Inside your Heart

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the next decision you think you have to make, how about if you place a hand over your heart, take a deep breath, and connect with your heart? 

Then, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this choice (person, situation, project, etc.) represent who and what I stand for?
  2. Does this sound, look, and feel like me?
  3. Does this excite me or make me feel more alive?
  4. What do I feel inside my heart regarding this?
  5. By saying ‘yes,’ am I being true to my heart?
  6. What is the most loving choice I could make right now?
  7. Does this choice bring me peace?

Then listen, truly listen as if your life depended on it because it does. The life you came here to live, the new opportunities, and the relationships that await you rely on the choices you make today. 

That’s how you consciously create your future… from your heart.

The Place You Choose From

It’s much easier to live with your choices from that peaceful aspect of your being than your choices from anger, fear, or wanting to please others or make them happy. The latter, you’ll always regret it.

Making daily, consistent choices from that peaceful and truthful place inside your heart will always lead to a deep sense of inner peace. This is how you know you’re staying true to yourself. 

Being true to yourself might affect how others perceive you or interact with you. But as Jesus said, it will definitely “set you free.”

The truth inside your heart will set you free. And the feeling of peace that follows is your confirmation that you’re being true to yourself.

The feeling of peace is the confirmation you’re being true to yourself. The peace you feel inside your heart is your heart’s way of letting you know you’re aligned with its truth.

“You know you’ve made the right decision when there’s peace in your heart.”

Sabina Tabakovic

Therefore, make choices that bring you peace. 

Now that I’ve reminded you of this, what can you do today to start living in greater alignment with the truth inside your heart?

What can you do to be more true to yourself?

From my heart to yours,

Being True

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