How to Attract your Soulmate using the Law of Attraction

Attract your Soulmate

The path to soulmate love is the journey you embark on when you decide to love yourself enough to stop settling for less and courageously go after the kind of relationship your soul has longed for. The person you’ll eventually call your soulmate will be, in essence, the perfect recipient of your love and represent a higher level of relating to yourself and the world.

In this article, I want to share a step-by-step process I put together for myself several years ago when I decided to open my heart and welcome love into my life. In my opinion, this is the most comprehensive, practical, spiritually based ‘how to’ advice on how to attract your soulmate using the Law of Attraction and the power of your heart.

The information I’ll be sharing is only a part of the material I cover in greater detail in ‘Manifesting Soulmate Love,’ a unique and practical step-by-step program designed to help you open your heart so that you can find true love and lasting romance. You can learn more about this program here.

If you follow these seven steps with patience and do the inner and the outer work, you will become a love magnet and be guided into the arms of your Soulmate, Beloved, or Special One. As the Sufi poet Rumi once said, in the journey towards opening your heart to love, “your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Are you ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

What is a Soulmate?

What exactly is a soulmate? How many soulmates do we have? I’ve spent years researching this topic and have even tried to arrive at some kind of definition of what a soulmate is. The truth is that no one really knows for sure. Whether we have one, two, three, or 7 billion soulmates, it truly depends on the opinion of the person you ask. After all, the word ‘soulmate’ means precisely that – a mate of the soul, or someone with whom you have a connection that transcends the purely human or biological level.

The only people who can accurately define what a soulmate is are those who have found their One. And what all these people have in common is the conviction that the person they’re with, for whatever reason, is the one that they are meant to be with.

I believe that soulmates share some sort of destiny together and have a deep spiritual connection with each other. I also think that every single relationship in which any of us is ever involved is potentially a “soul-based relationship” in that every relationship in our lives is there for a reason. All relationships are sacred and bring an opportunity for us to grow spiritually and learn from one another.

I also believe that out of nearly 7 billion people on this planet at this particular point and time in history, there is one person alive, living reasonably close to you – or planning to move there soon – who is the best possible match for you. In other words, out of all the people who exist, there’s one person who is exactly who you’ve been waiting for, and to that person, you are exactly what they have been waiting for. And when the two of you finally come together, it will be unlike any relationship you have ever experienced before. From this point forward, I’ll be referring to this person as your soulmate, but you can also think of them as your Beloved, Twin Flame, Mission Mate or simply your ideal, perfect partner.

A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out, and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.

Richard Bach

How to Attract your Soulmate using the Law of Attraction and the Power of your Heart

Step 1: Make the Commitment

The first step towards soulmate love is making the commitment. I believe that we don’t get what we want or what we need in life. We get what we commit to. To me, the word ‘commitment’ means ‘becoming one with, in our minds.’ It has nothing to do with other people. Still, it has everything to do with embodying an idea, a quality, so that you live from it each and every moment.

Now, suppose that you begin to get clear about the kind of person that your soulmate is. And you decide they are abundant, affectionate, ambitious, beautiful, caring, charismatic, considerate, creative, and so forth. Now, imagine that this person – who possesses all of these excellent qualities – was simultaneously looking back at you and secretly seeing you the way you are right now. Do you think that they would be proud of what they were seeing? Would they be interested in hanging out with you, or dating you?

Chances are, the answer is no. What does that tell you? When I asked myself the same question years ago before I started doing this work, I realized that to attract and manifest my soulmate, I must develop and grow myself into the kind of person that I want to be with. In other words, if you haven’t found the right person, it’s probably because you are not being the right person! As Marianne Williamson says, “We must become the person we want to attract.”

So, let’s make that commitment right now and plant the seed for this new relationship to manifest in your life! 

Simply put one hand in your heart, and say out loud:

“I, (say your name), fully commit to welcoming my soulmate into my life and growing myself into the kind of person I want to attract.”

Sep 2: Create a Clear Vision

Who is your soulmate? What do they look like? What are their qualities? What is it that makes them unique and attractive to you? For many of us, this journey towards our soulmates begins by first experiencing what we do not want. Funny how life works, isn’t it? 

The key is having clarity and knowing what it is that you want. Why? So that you can identify it when you see it, feel it and hear it, and – most importantly – so that you won’t be sidetracked into a relationship with a person who is not the highest possibility for you. A person who is not your soulmate. Remember, there’s no need to settle for less than what you want.

To get started, I’m going to invite you to do some soul-searching and write down three lists that will help you gain the clarity you’ll need to manifest your One.

The First List: Your Soulmate

The first list explores the ‘green lights’; these are qualities and attributes you’d like your soulmate to have. In other words, this is what you want to “get” in a soulmate. In this list, you’ll describe all of the physical and non-physical characteristics you envision your soulmate to have. Here you want to include things that will begin to describe the kind of man or woman who would really make your heart sing. Be sure to start this list by stating whether your soulmate is single, straight/gay (yes, you must be that specific), and available for a healthy, loving, committed, long-term relationship (or marriage if that is what you want.)

The Second List: Deal-Breakers

Now it’s time to get clear about the deal-breakers. These are the ‘red lights’ that you want to watch out for when you start meeting people. This is a smaller list where you identify at least three qualities that if this person were to exhibit, you would not engage in a relationship with them. In other words, the deal would be off. Deal-breaker items could include: if the person has some form of alcohol or substance addiction or abuse, if they are married or in another relationship, if they are physically or verbally abusive, and even if they smoke. For some people, smoking is not a big deal, but for me, I just can’t stand kissing someone after they’ve had a smoke, so I decided to include it in my deal-breaker list. What are your deal breakers? All you need is three. What are your deal-breakers?

The Third List: Your Gifts

The third list is, in my opinion, the most important one. Your soulmate will not be coming into your life to rescue you, make you happy, or save your life. A soulmate is a friend and partner with whom you’ll be sharing your life. Someone who will love, nurture and support you while you love, nurture, and support them. Someone who understands the power and beauty of a true soulmate union and will hold the space for love, even when you can’t. This list is about you. It’s about what you are bringing to the relationship. Here you want to list the unique gifts that you will be sharing with your soulmate, who, in turn, will nurture and support them. 

In ‘Manifesting Soulmate Love,’ I’ve included a guided meditation entitled, ‘Visioning for your Soulmate.’ This guided process will help you get clear about what it is that you’re specifically looking for in a soulmate. It will open your mind to new possibilities!

Step 3: Send Out a Soulmate Call

One of the best ways to invite love into your life is sending out a Soulmate Call. A Soulmate Call is a powerful process that you can use to establish a heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connection with your One before you even meet.

To send out a Soulmate Call, you can follow these steps:

1) Set an Intention

Write it down or say it out loud. You can say something like: “I now open my heart to my soulmate, and I welcome love in.” This step alone can have a profound effect.

2) Open Your Mind

Using the power of your creative imagination, create a mental picture of your ideal partner in your mind. See yourself being with them and doing things you would both enjoy. Really believe that they are out there and that nothing can keep the two of you apart. 

Here you can say affirmations such as:

  • My perfect partner is on their way to me, or 
  • Nothing can keep my soulmate away from me.

3) Open your Heart

Feel the feelings you would feel if it was 100% true that you’re now in your soulmate’s arms. If the two of you were together now and had already been in a relationship for a while, how would you feel right now? Use the power of your heart to activate these feelings. 

4) Let them know you’re ready!

Using the power of your thoughts and emotions, let them know you’re thinking about them and can’t wait to meet them. Say to them,” I can’t wait for us to be together and consummate our love.” Or, “I love you, and I’m ready to love you unconditionally and finally be together with you!”

In ‘Manifesting Soulmate Love,’ I’ve included a guided meditation entitled, ‘Sending Out a Soulmate Call’ where I guided you through this process. To experience it, you can listen to it by visiting this link.

Step 4: Clear the Decks

Welcoming your soulmate into your life requires that you begin by removing the inner and outer obstacles that are stopping, hindering, delaying, or even distracting you from having the relationship that you truly want to have. You do this by healing your heart, decluttering your mind, releasing the past, and making room for love.

Heal your Heart

You must be willing to clear out all of the past hurts, anger, resentments, and anything else that makes up the thick wall of protection and distrust that you have built around your heart so that you can start welcoming love in. Your responsibility, starting today, is to gently uncover the wounds of your heart and begin the healing process so that you can send out a clear signal to the universe that you have started to heal and that you are now ready for love. And you can start doing that right now, through the power of forgiveness.

Declutter your Mind

Decluttering your mind means letting go or releasing any fears or beliefs about love that keep love away from you. For example, many people believe they have some kind of fatal flaw or secret that may repulse others. It usually is something physical for women, and for men, it is typically something in their financial situation, status, or career.

These insecurities will lead you to have thoughts such as:

  • I won’t meet my soulmate until I’m financially stable.
  • If I could lose 20 lbs, I would be ready for love.
  • No one will love a man with no hair.
  • There are no available men over 30.
  • All men are jerks.
  • All good men are taken, or they are gay.
  • No one will love a single parent.

What are some of the beliefs you need to let go of?

Release the Past

Is there someone you’re still in love with? Are there any past relationships in your life that are still unresolved? Almost every person that comes to see me with hopes of finding love is holding onto a past love or relationship, either consciously or unconsciously. I call this person the passenger in their car. 

The analogy is simple: if you’re carrying a passenger in your car, there won’t be room for your soulmate to sit in it! So, if you’re still in love with this person, but you know that they are not your soulmate and/or there is no possibility of a genuine, loving, committed relationship with them, it’s time to let them go. This does not mean you have to stop loving them. It simply means that you have to find a new space in your heart for them, a special chamber where you will put all the people whom you have loved in the past.

Do you have a passenger in your car? If so, it’s time to let them go.

In ‘Manifesting Soulmate Love,’ I’ve included a guided meditation entitled, ‘Releasing a Person from the Past’ where I guided you through a powerful release process to help you cut the energetic cords between you and a person you’re still attached to.

Make Room for Love

If you were to meet your soulmate today and you chose to live together, would there be room in your life for them? If you’re genuinely committed to welcoming your One into your life, then one of the best ways to accelerate this process is by consciously making room for them in your life.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cut down on your work hours and create time in your schedule to do fun things such as going to the movies, going to the gym, yoga or dance classes, social activities, etc. For many of us, keeping too busy with work is one of the ways to push love away.
  • Allow others to help you by learning to ask for help when you need it. Think of it this way: by coming across as too independent and self-sufficient, we sometimes inadvertently close ourselves off to others.
  • Clean up and declutter your home. Allow fresh air and sunlight to reach every part of your house, especially your bedroom.
  • Create space on their side of the bed, and start sleeping on your side of the bed. You can even be a romantic and kiss them good night! Why not? Remember, you are already connected in the inner.
  • Let go of all that extra clothing you no longer wear and create room in your closet for them. Even if you don’t end up living together, this simple act sends a powerful message to the universe that you’re ready to welcome someone special into your life!
  • Have a heart-to-heart and honest conversation with those “friends with benefits” about your current relationship. Is this a dead-end relationship that is going nowhere, and it is simply filling up a void within you? Be courageous enough to speak the truth, set healthy interpersonal boundaries, clear any gray areas, or simply release them.
  • Spend time with your family, mentors, and people you feel good being with.

The more space you create in your life, the faster your soulmate will find their way into your life! The universe adores a vacuum. Create one!

Step 5: Start Telling a New Story

Must of us have spent years and years thinking the same ideas over and over again, based on past circumstances and experiences – and most of them are not even our thoughts! And we have grooved these thoughts so strongly that when something happens in our life, these thoughts automatically get triggered. Then our old patterns play themselves out, just like the good old tracks that the sled follows down the mountain.

And so we tell the same old story, over and over, about why we have our childhood wounds, and about how bad our previous relationship was, how we got dumped, how we’re not being loved the way we want to be, how unequal this relationship is, how we have these abandonment issues, how they cheated on us, how we’re too old to find love, too fat, too skinny, too white, too black, too gay, too straight, too poor, too rich, too unstable, too unreliable, afraid of commitment, too demanding… blah, blah, blah. 

Please stop!

The more you tell the same old story, the more you’re perpetuating it in your experience and the more you’re blocking love from coming into your life. Why? Because you keep focusing on it. 

So what is the solution? Stop telling the OLD story and start telling the NEW story! The NEW story of how you want it to be. The story of what it’s like to be in the most magical, loving relationship with your soulmate. Starting now. You’re going to start catching yourself when you’re chatting with friends, and the OLD story starts to creep out. Notice it. Then shift to the NEW story.

Doing this might feel weird at first, almost as if you’re faking it, but don’t let that stop you. 

Step 6: Gather Your Dream Team

If you’re serious about manifesting soulmate love, I recommend that you cultivate a network of therapists, counselors, coaches, healing professionals, trusted friends, and mentors whom you can count on for any variety of challenge that will arise. You want to ensure you have the members of this support team just a phone call or email away for when you need that extra support.

Be sure to include only positive, trustworthy people with whom you can share this journey and who can hold your vision with you in this group. Also, be sure to exclude any friends or family members who are skeptical, negative, sarcastic, and who can actually bring you down. That’s the last thing you need!

Who would you love to have in your dream team? Reach out to them!

Step 7: Get Ready for Soulmate Love

Because you’ve set a firm intention to manifest your soulmate, and you’re now on your way to welcoming them into your heart, you must continue to trust this process and always remember that nothing, absolutely nothing, can keep your soulmate away from you. 

At this stage, the principle of ‘Divine and Perfect Timing’ will put you and your soulmate together at the right place and at the right time for you to meet. Your job from this point forward is to cultivate the right conditions that will naturally attract this kind of love into your life. Continue to hold the intention of the ‘what’ while you let God or the Universe figure out the ‘when’ or the ‘how.’ 

Whatever the timing might be, the time you invest in getting ready for your soulmate is an opportunity to continue working on yourself and remove all of the mental and emotional blocks keeping you from love. It is the perfect time to get to know yourself fully and deeply as you get ready for love. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Continue to send out a “Soulmate Call” and hold your intention to welcome your soulmate into your life.
  • Open to the mystery of life; you have no idea when or where that special person could walk into your life.
  • Follow your heart and be willing to trust that inner voice and be open to the mystery that comes from there.
  • Shine your unique light; the more you are yourself, the faster your soulmate will recognize you.
  • Start each day with a gratitude prayer for all that is happening in your life.
  • Use this time to grow in your ability to be more patient, loving, forgiving, gentle, and kind with yourself.
  • Enjoy the time that you’re single’; one day you’ll look back upon these days, and you’ll cherish them.
  • Hold onto the information on this book and workbook very tightly, and re-read it when you need to.
  • Put your energy into creating a life you genuinely love and excites you and makes you come fully alive.
  • Learn to fall in love with yourself; the more open your heart is, the greater your chances of finding love.

Finally, consider investing in your love life by purchasing the complete Manifesting Soulmate Love program. The unique and effective step-by-step system taught in this program will help you find true love and lasting romance. The guided meditations, 28-day Workbook, and accompanying materials will literally turn you into a love magnet!

It’s time to fly into your beloved’s arms and to embrace the life you were meant to live! 

I bless your path towards soulmate love and know you two are already connected in your heart and soul and that nothing, absolutely nothing, can keep you from meeting your one!

From my heart to yours,

Attract your Soulmate

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